Learn Maltese language and culture - Why not?

A basic course held this summer introducing adult foreigners to the Maltese Language and Culture. More details to follow for those of you who are interested. To show that you are interested just reply to this topic and will get back to you. - Thanks

Where would that be?

I'm interested!!

My wife and i would be interested.

I am interested, however this summer I can not. Next year might be possible, depending on the time and duration.

I might be interested, where and when would it be ?

I'm interested. Of course depends when and where...

I'm interested but I work until 6pm every night so it would depend where and when.

I'm interested.

Yes, we'd be interested.

Im in

How much and when, can I get more information about course please?

What about the course?

Hi More Information for me please

New topic