Looking for business contacts in Dominican Republic

Hello everyone,

I lived in the Dominican Republic for 2 years and have been traveling there for the last 5 years. My wife is from San Antonio De Guerra.  I am now working in the US. 

I will be traveling to Santo Domingo in August from the 8th to the 25th and I was wondering if anyone could help me make a few business meetings.

The company I work for Interapt is looking to expand into the DR and they have asked me to set up some meetings while I am in country.  We are a software development firm that also has a training program that pays students to learn.   

Without turning this post into spam I am happy to answer any questions about the company and I look forward to speaking with some of you.

So your company is looking to pay Dominicans to learn there software. Is this a trade program? Is there possiblity for employement after the training? What are the requirements to be in the training program? Where will the training be taught?

I tesponded to your PM Alex

First we are looking for companies in the area to work with.  Some will become customers and others will partner with us to set the curriculum for the training.  In my case I was paid in the program and then started an internship and from there I was hired on at Interapt. So yes it may include opportunities for employment. However we can be sure how this program will translate over to the DR till we speak with people and find partner companies.

The goal is to turn low income areas around with high tech training. To learn more about the program I was in read here. interapt.com/teky/press

Can we do this in the DR?

The first requirement will be english. As all coding is done in english and a good understanding of the language is necessary.  Beyond that there will be an application process and a test. In my case they gave us some course material and asked us to study it. We were then called in to take the assessment on that material.

Where will need to be determined based on who we can partner with and what is available.

Send me the link by private message please. Thanks.

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