Modest priced hotel Santo Domingo?

Can anyone recommend a modestly priced hotel in Santo Domingo?

Sure. Apartahotel Drake on calle Bolivar. Clean. Cable. A/c. Breakfast. Under US 50 a night.

I am flying into Santo Domingo in late November.  My flight arrives at 3 am.  anyplace close to the airport headed east that i can crash at before i go to my hotel?

Have a taxi taken you to a Cabana! Inexpensive   option!

any recommendations on the way to Bayahibe?  a comfortable bed?

Same recommendation. Cabanas are everywhere, comfy and well priced

For a quick night stop a Cabana will work


Thanks very much, i think that will work for me.

Morning! What is a Cabana?

Oh my goodness good question.

Its a type of.motel - you drive into an individual garage, door closes and you exit your vehicle.

You enter an individual room with private bath, sometimes a jacuzzi. Has a/c tv and wifi. 

Its usually where men take mistresses - that is the main market. Sometimes unattached men take girlfriends for privacy as they live with family. Or entire families will go when we have long power outages - cabanas have generators.

Really its a short term rental - 2 4 6 hours or overnight! Tv guaranteed to have porn and all include a condom or two!

Great description :D

Bob K

OH and some folks I know that use them bring their own linens :)

Bob K

Ok thanks and never mind....I won't be staying there lol

Lol. Sounds like an experience! How much per night USD are we talking on average for a cabana, around $10?

It depends where and for how long. I would think it starts about US 20 these days

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