Sponsor my daughter

Hi everyone

I'm single mother ( not married ) living here in dubai and working at JLT and i want to know if you can help me i want to bring my daughter here in dubai ( make her residence visa ) my company is ready to give me all documents to do it but when i call the immigration it seems like the law here in UAE don't allow single mother to bring their babies here .

There is someone in the same case like me ? please help me because i cannot leave without her i don't know what to do .

How I can help you?

Please i want to sponsor my daughter and i don't know how to do it

You can Ask your company  pro to give you information
If you couldn't I can help you just tell me

I got details you can apply but there is some requirements
Deposit 5000
Salary up to 7000
And you should have good position
And agreement for rent
I hope its was helpful

Hi Hussein,

Thank you very much for this its so helpul for me . im customer care agent but my salary its not up to 7000 aed and im so sad to here that . For others requirements its ok for me but the salary i guess will e a problem because i just have 4000 aed. There is no way to if i only have this amount .?

See rhnn sponser for women  in uae means husband
And second thing
You can talk to the company and explain your suitation maybe they help you transfer salary to your account extra that you need 3000 and you give back,
All the best

OK thanks u very much u r so helpful for me . Where can i go and take more information about this issue once i will ask my company for the salary ? At immigration at al jafiliyah?

You can not
All works is must do PRO of your company
Talk with him before any actions
May I know what is your nationalty
I'm iranian

Hi im cameroonian

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