final exit with missing iqama

   my  iqama is  finished on august 8th . and decide to go final exit . at  that time  l  lost my iqama . i ask the pro in my  company  they  told  if  ur going  final exit  do not make duplicate iqama. take final exit and go out from ksa. ** My qustion  is   now i have  iqama copy and one paper from police  as iqama missing is  reported . when i am going on final exit  my  iqama ask  anybody  from airpot ? if  ask    what is the solution for that ? or must  make  a duplicate  iqama.

Sorry to know about your iqama loss. I think only you can answer your own query by experiencing it and let us know if they allowed you to leave :)

ok dear thank ur help

I have the same situation now. Were you able to exit even if you lost iqama right before your final exit? Please reply. Thanks.

Guys you don’t need your IQAMA, if you have already got the final exit !!

Hi thanks for the reply. Is it okay not to surrender iqama to company? I work as a nurse in dental and derma clinic. I read online they have to destroy it?

No one asks for your iqama after you get the final exit. Even if you try to hand over the same at the immigration counter, they will not take it !!

Okay so as long as I can go home ASAP there won't be any problems right? So I just have to tell my employer this now?

I went on final exit in May 2017. I asked immigration officer to take my iqama. He said we don't take iqama. He just stamped my passport and let me passed through immigration. That's it. They don't ask for your Iqama.

Even the clinic where I'm working won't care anymore since the immigration doesn't take it right? Thank you so much!

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