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Would appreciate any advice for moving to Mexico, hopefully to cancun area. Have seen advice about not living in expat neighborhoods. What is the best way to find something local to rent while we are deciding if we like the area? We are not wealthy, and are in the printing business. We would have to see if there is any call for this type of business there. Otherwise, we'd try to live as cheaply as possible. Any advice welcome. Thanks.

Sorry I can't say properly according to my experiences I visited Cancun through the help of Oscar Cancun Shuttle a good transportation service. It helped me.

Well once again and not to be offensive , I must say it, nobody can just take a plane ticket get in Mexico and start working or a business that is illegal!!!

Here is a quote from another post from a lawyer

"Bon, voila la réponse que j'ai reçue du bureau d'avocats.

Yes, you can constitute a Mexican society. For this you need at least 2 people, it does not matter that both are foreigners but all the partners need a tax payment number. You should also know the following: as of January 1, 2017, Mexican Corporations must have at least one director with an RFC number (the Mexican equivalent of a Social Insurance Number). and a  FIEL Tax number. To obtain them , an individual must be a Mexican Citizen or obtain, in the minimum, a Temporary Visa Residency.

After that a  Mexican society needs a permit of employer to hire a foreigner as an employee (in this case yourself), but take into account that for a Mexican company to employ a foreigner needs at least 4 Mexican employees for each.

Another option is to establish a mexican corporation and then you can ask for your permission to work being the director of the corporation, but you need first a temporary or permanent residence for that."

May I suggest that you talk to your local Mexican consulate or embassy near your home or check their website.

You can also check on the internet site of Sonia Diaz Ortega, for more valuable information.

Adios y buena suerte para su proyecto, GyC.

I am currently living in Cancun in an apartment two bedroom furnished with
internet and cable and water and gas paid and I pay 6600 pesos a month for
it. I live off of Avenida Uxmal in a residental neighborhood that I feel is safe.
There is security as the house is gated and there are bars on the windows
and a security door.
Pizza Hut, Churchs fried chicken and KFC are around the corner. Taxis are
30 pesos about everywhere. Walmart is close by with Sams club.
I hope this helps you some. If you have a car there are some really nice new
apartments out of Cancun for 8-10 thousand pesos that are unfurnished in
a gated community.

Hi Lonael,
the first thing you need to do is contact your Consulate in the state you live in and
inquire about getting a permanent visa. Go and talk to them, do not listen to advice on the internet about visas. Better yet download an application on the consulate website fill it out get pictures from Walmart print out bank statements and apply at the consulate in your state, see what they say. The application fee is 32.00.
I received my visa in five hours from the consulate in the state I was living in. If you are serious this is the route you need to take.
best wishes, Jacob

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