Certifications for teaching english

Hello!  Moving to Lima at the end of this year with my family and want to see what kind of teaching certifications are required to secure a good job. I have a bachelor degree in teaching English, 120 hour TEFL course. Also a certificate in teaching business English. Will this suffice? Also, how hard is it to secure a job before actually moving if anyone had that kind of experience. All information will be greatly appreciated!
P.S I do speak Spanish fluently as well as Russian (my mother tongue). Some Italian:) For the past 12 years I've been living in the States though.

you already have all that is needed an more. however you will not get rich teacher. maybe if you start your own school you might at least break 800 a month, but the average teacher gets about $250 -350 a month.


Thank you for your reply Paul, that doesn't sound really good. I have heard the private colleges or international schools  pay better, is that true?

most schools in Peru are private. I teach school k-12 english. I have tsol as well as being an american. the most I have been able to get is 300 + spanish classes when I have time.

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