Exit Visa for newborn/Passport

Hello to all members of expat.com.I'm Gael form Yanbu.I just want to ask for help on how can I bring home to Philippines my soon baby( Sept 2017)..
I received many informations regarding this but not all share same process and now I'm confused.
Presently my husband & I are working here in KSA but due to unexpected problem in his company he might go for final exit this July and we are planning that I will deliver my baby here so at least I can be with my baby for 45 days whereas if I deliver in Phils its only 15 days or less because I need to return to work.
My questions are:
Do I need to get a exit visa for the baby before she can travel?
Do I need to get passport for the baby or just a travel clearance,birth certificate & plane ticket is enough?

Please someone help me clear my mind.Thank you so much!

I suggest you contact the nearest Philippines Embassy for the information.

Hi Kobikhloe,

feel sorry to hear that.

As i know, every foreigner in Indonesia must have stay permit, including for newborn baby.

Its an obligation for your baby to have stay permit ( in this case, I assume that you and your husband are KITAS holder).

Once she had birth in Indonesia, she has to report ( / get KITAS) within 60 days.

Without KITAS, she can not leave Indonesia at all.

Hope you can find out the best solution for her.

Thank u stumpy :)

Thank u Banock.😊We are here in Saudi,me & my husband have a residence permit(Iqama). Just got confused because some are telling me that baby doesn't need passport only travel clearance since she may be 2-3 wks old the time we are planning to travel.

Dear ,
Am having  the same issue did u take exit visa for new born? Did you travel?

Kabayan,any update or info regarding sa situation mo

Can you share your experience please?

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