How are you coping in the heat?

How are you coping in this heat? I am sitting in a lovely air conditioned room I don't know how we would manage without it.

I love the heat, but stay in the shade of course. Spending my lunch break (working despite the public holiday) under a tree outside in Mellieha right now. I can't stand ACs, they give me a headache and dry, itchy eyes... After work I'll be heading straight to the beach and go for a long swim. Don't forget to drink plenty of water, of course!

Last night 9pm, its not very nice for sure!

If your aircon makes you dry then get a humidifier for your room - sounds ridiculous to have a humidifier in Malta but it helps a lot in a aircon which dries the air out a lot.

Our new born not too keen on air cons no matter what, bit of a problem keeping him a good temperature

Registered 44Con our roof today and 31C in our lounge. No AC unfortunately but I am coping quite well, my first  summer here.  Went shopping today in Lidl, so cool in there. :)

RayAucote :

Registered 44Con our roof today and 31C in our lounge. No AC unfortunately but I am coping quite well, my first  summer here.  Went shopping today in Lidl, so cool in there. :)

This is our fifth summer and I cannot remember it being so hot in June, more like August weather, not complaining though.  Its also our first time with air con.

My main worry about moving here was the summer heat but I am a lot happier now it's actually got very hot. We haven't closed the windows for weeks and are using a fan in lounge and one in bedroom all night. We had a dehumidifier in the UK but sold it before moving but planning to get another before winter arrives.

Its probably raining in the UK, I spoke to a relative there today and she had to put her heating on last night.

We found that the best thing at night was to put the ceiling fan on in the bedroom, not only did it cool you down but it blew away any mosquitoes so you did not need to pull a cover over you.
It had the added benefit at the last house of drowning out the music blaring by the pool at the holiday apartments next door!
I do think that a ceiling fan is a good investment if you can get it wired up cheap enough, the fans are very reasonably priced.

We have  2 pedestal fans, one which we have blowing over us in bed, on medium speed and I don't have anything on and no sheet. Not a pretty sight but agree it does drown out a lot of the noise, in our case Cockerels that start at about 2am.
Is everyone loving the fireworks tonight? Just over 2 hours worth in one session.

Plenty more fireworks over the summer to look forward to!

We can see most of the fireworks on the island as we are in a penthouse 5 floors up in Victoria. We also can see 10 village churches!
Being that high we benefit from the slightest breeze to cool us down, but not much the last couple of days!

As a matter of health advice drink 3 times as much water as you think you need. Having an entire wall of fenestration, we finally invested in blackout vertical blinds, although it took B4 three goes at fitting them before they would work properly. I wired in a ceiling fan earlier in the year to supplement wall fans and the free standing one we inherited with the property. Apart from that, if God had not meant us to get a b9it hot, he would not have given us cold beer! Lidl do a not bad cheap lager!

How are we coping.. Not good. =( My bedsheet is damp from sweat every night, it's crazy. Have a stand fan on medium blowing directly on me, but still so so hot at night. And the fumes from fireworks arent helping the already dusty air people....... =/

I can't wait for my trusted honeywell true hepa air purifier to arrive to deal with the dusty air. But the heat is something else, spoke to the landlord, didn't get a reply when i asked if i can install an AC at split cost 50-50. Asking to share coz the AC will be there long after I am out of the property.

I dont usually have headache, like once every 5years or so, i am having one now. from the heat and lack of good zzz... Sorry for the rant, i really need to do something to address the heat...

Sorry to hear that, clexa, but they say the heatwave is over now and it's cooling down... I'm still sitting out here on the promenade enjoying the warm night - back in Austria it's 12 degrees right now, I'm so glad I'm here in Malta!

I wanted to cry when i look at the calendar and it's only 2nd of July..

We have a 4th floor corner apartment in St Thomas Bay, Marsaskala. No AC only pedestal fans. Leave windows/doors open and get a through draught. Close blinds when sun shining into rooms. With current nightly breezes we don't need to use fans. Evening meals eaten on the balcony.  Our solution works well for us!!

Oh yeaa, i installed a CH AC in the end and it worked greattt! Cost €580 12k btu.. slept comfortably at 28degree cool setting and its like 5kwh per 6/7 hours.

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