Fortal 2017 any recommendations?

Hi everybody,
I'm going to be in Fortaleza from July 22nd to visit the Fortal Festival.
I've never bewen to Fortal and find it very hard to find out anything about this event. Their homepage only tells me the programm and prices of tickets. Can anyone please tell me how it works and if I really need to buy tickets (200-300 R$ per event)?
Is it not also gonna happen outdoors like the carnaval?
And does anyone have a recommendation as in which ticket to buy?
Thanks a lot, help is really appreciated.

A bit late to answer. Fortal is not a street carnaval but an 'organized' carnaval. A bit like Rio. You can pay a ticket just to watch the band/blocos passing in front of you (basic or VIP). Or being inside the bloc dancing in area near the bands.
I believe, better experience to take a ticket to be inside a bloc.

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