Moving to cancun

My husband and I are interested in a possible move to Mexico. Looking at cancun to start. Any information on expenses and the best way to get started. Live in Texas at the moment. Any info appreciated. Thanks

I would like to recommend you to contact Oscar Cancun Shuttle after you arrive in Cancun. This service will help you.

I think a good thing to do is come to Cancun and scout the areas of interest where you would like to live.

We lived in Texas and did a swag move. We drove down with all our stuff, 1 child, 2 cars, and 4 animals. Expenses we ran into was obviously the gas and hotels driving down and the tolls. As far as housing be prepared to do the standard first and last months rent for a home. Our electricity, and internet were not included in our rental agreement. We had a friend who was already established and stayed with them until we could move into the house. We had the option for fully furnished or empty. We didn't have any real crazy expenses pop up.  We got all our paperwork, visas/vehicle permits and car insurance done at the Mexican consulate in Austin prior to arrival. Made for a quick trip through the border on the way down. Hope this helps.

We just purchased a condo in Puerto Aventuras.
To escape Winter months back n forth from Canada.
We’ve visited the area for 20 yrs & decided there.
More expensive to buy but I like the community.
Keep us posted on your move.

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