Help! How do I find somewhere to live?!

I'm an English teacher, female fifties UK, moving to Muscat in September to start a new job. I'm seeking a small Western-style/standard furnished flat or studio and I can't find anything under any search engine! Upto OR400 a month. Send me any details please!

Hi Eflteacher55,

Feel free to drop your own "looking for' advert in the appropriate section of the website.

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Hi Eflteacher55,

For the budget which you have quoted, to get a fully-furnished flat might be a bit hard to find. Most apartments come bare with just the walls around and a roof on the top; sometimes with built-in wardrobes and cupboards. Many newly built apartments also come with a semi, or fully-fitted kitchen, but not all though.

Depending on where your work location is going to be, take a tour of the neighbourhood and look around for newer properties close by. That would perhaps be the best way to locate a suitable place of residence.

The best way is to drive around muscat and look for hoardings. You will get a lot of hoardings and advertisement regarding available properties. This will give you a "live" idea of the locality and the building. Most buildings have caretakers and you can visit the building at the same time.

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