Visa application and approval

I applied for my 90 extension tourist visa 2 weeks ago in Ecuador. How long is the waiting process to approval. I am starting to panic a little that they may copied down my email address incorrectly. Has anyone gone through this process recently? a part of the process ;)

That being said, are you close to a location where you can walk in and do a personal check on the status of your application? If so do it. These applications do take time so most likely it is simply in process and all is fine.  But reassurance is worth spending some time checking in.  There may also be an accessable online method these days (there wasn´t years ago when I was in your shoes but much has been updated in the ensuing years.)  Stay calm, or as we say here, tranquilo You should have your receipts and the factura number you were given in your paperwork as proof your application is in "the works"

Thank you. I will go in tomorrow. I will be sure to take all the paperwork with me.

Make sure you definitely stay on top of it, so you won't miss a deadline that you were unaware of and have to redo process .  Trust me it happened to us but the redo paperwork was minimal and we were very lucky.  Good Luck!!

Make extra copies of everything.

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