Any Psychotherapists from the UK able to advise working in LA?

Hi there,

I would really appreciate any advice or pointers. I am a recently qualified child and Adolescent Psychotherapist with an MA. My family and I are moving to LA and I am trying to figure out how I license myself in California. According to my research so far The board of Behavioural Sciences do not have a category for Child and Adolescent psychotherapists, rather they have 'Family and marriage therapist', of which my training and experience will not cover much of the requirements for this licence. After lots of time searching online I have hit a bit of dead end. I would hugely appreciate any advice on how other therapists with uk training have navigated their way into working in CA.

Also I will initially be on a spouse Visa so will not be able to work. I hope though to eventually be able to apply for a work visa, if there are any other therapists from the Uk that have managed this I would love to hear from you. Thanks so much!


One of my friends is psychterapeutically trained expat coach. Her website:

Contact her.


Hi Natron,

I am a Creative Arts Therapist and trained at the University of Derby. I was able to get hired under the umbrella of after school counselor in New York and as a Recreation therapist in California. I am a US citizen (dual Irish and US) so unsure how work sponsorship works. I am aware that our training differs but didn't find it as difficult to use my master's here as I had originally thought it would be without a license. Wishing you all the best with your move, Julie.

Yes, there are licensed Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists in the US: … s-053.aspx

A search on Google would give you the names of specialists in LA area who work in that field. Many counselors in public schools are specialised in children and adolescents.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the licensing procedures, but I'm sure that with more research, you'll find the answer eventually.

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