Change of family visit visa to family joining visa with out exit

I would like to know is there a possibility to change family visit visa to family joining visa with out exiting Oman.

Please give me your suggestions

Hi Sandy00124,

A family visit visa cannot be changed into a family joining visa without exiting the country.

My family is currently on a family visit visa. I understand that we need to exit and cannot change the visa within Oman. My question is can I apply for the family joining visa while they are here and then return to India and come back? if so can they stay till their family visit visa expires and then move to India and come back or should they leave the country immediately ?

Hi rakeshbabu1,

Realistically, only your company PRO / sponsor can give you an answer to this query.

If the PRO wields enough clout then even mountains can be moved.

thank you for the quick reply.

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