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My name is Angel and I am from the Philippines. My husband had worked before in Papua New Guinea and now he is planning to return with me. He had a very good job offer we can't resist. As of now, our papers were already on process.
My question is, what are the clothes to wear in PNG especially for ladies?. Is it ok to wear shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops and dress, boots?

Thank you in advance. Your replies will be of great help to me.

Any replies? Thanks

Here in one cares about what you wear.local people don't know much about fashion but you can wear anything that makes you feel comfortable.

Hi Fahmid! Thanks for the reply. I have read that most of the people there are conservative so I'm thinking maybe it will be awkward if I will dress the way I want. That's why I'm asking if its ok if I will wear those I havr mentioned above.

HI Angel,

Generally, we are conservative, but that is in the outer or rural provinces, and more so to the locals. In urban Centers, and the main provinces like Port Moresby, you can dress how you feel and want, as long as you are comfortable and it is decent. The apparel you mentioned is totally OK, there are many locals and expatriates that dress that way in urban areas.

Just for further clarification, where exactly is your husband being posted?

Hope this helps.


Hi local_abroad!

Thanks for the reply. My husband will be posted in Kokopo.  Is it ok there to wear what I have mentioned above?

Cheers, I replied via inbox message to the reply on your thread.


Hi Angel,

Papua New Guinea is somewhat like the Philippines. People don't mind what you are wearing as long as you are comfortable. Shorts are ok as long as its not too much... PNG is starting to be modernizing as well specially in Moresby.

Safety is quite a concern especially at night so just be careful.

Kokopo is a nice place to stay. People there are friendly and very good beaches.



Thanks Kabayan @ pinoyhenyo for the reply :)

hello miss angel_aprhodite ;

good afternoon from the philippines ! are you still there in png ?

any drawbacks concerning your dressing up there in png ?

do let me know....thanks !

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