Finding a job in Denmark - without being able to speak Danish

Hi, I am a 22 year old Maltese woman wanting to move to Aalborg with my Danish partner. I have Masters in English and German and am therefore, on the lookout for any German/English speaking jobs in Aalborg.

I have gathered quite the experience in jobs I could get with my knowledge in both German and English, yet I would be willing to "start over" despite this not being the preferable option.

Would anyone know more about finding jobs in Aalborg and would like to share their experiences/knowledge? I'd be very thankful!

Thanks in advance :)

If you search Job, English, Denmark, Aalborg some sites will emerge. Also try to search vikarbureauer (employment agencies).

I see that Aalborg municipality also offers help. I am a little surprised to see and a little sceptic, too, but give it a try. … in-aalborg

Good luck

Hi Nelli!

I'll check the link out. Thank you for your time and help :)

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