Moving to rincon.

Hey my name is josh and i would like to move to rincon within the next six months. i have done some research but was mainly wondering about jobs. I have always been in the service industry as either a server or manager, and was interested to find out how much one might make there at a restaurant? as long as i can pay for my living situation and put some away i would be happy. your thoughts are appreciated

Hi - Just saw your message.  I lived in Rincon in 2015.  I loved it!  Housing is cheap.  If you can connect with others and have a roommate, that is good. I am a researcher and worked from home.  My rent for a 3 bdrm in decent area was $600.  I could have done things cheaper.  I have been a waitress on and off my whole life and saw that there are places you can work.  Especially during surf season.  I think that to make a living is not easy though.  It is good to know Spanish.  I know some, but couldn't work at the university.  I have kids, so chose not to work the night scene with waitressing, but that's the way to go.  I can ask my old landlord if his apt is still for rent.  It was a great, real PR neighborhood that was very safe.  Lots of free roamin' chickens!  My landlord was wonderful.  Sadly, I couldn't stay bc I didn't make enough money, but I own house elsewhere, etc.  I have more responsibilities, but still never regret my stay in PR.  Rincon is wonderful wonderful.  perfect laid back.  I rode my bike everywhere.  Small enough community to where people get to know you.  People are super friendly, and of course, there's the water.  So wonderful.  Let me know if you're interested in the house and I'll ask my landlord.

Good luck.  it is totally, totally worth it :)

Thank you very much for the info, would you have to be fluent in Spanish to work at the University? hypothetically speaking if I got to be fluent in Spanish before I go do you think I could get a job there or a second job in addition to serving at night somewhere and be able to support myself and pay rent and maybe put a little money on the side away?  and I don't plan on moving there for 6 to 8 months so perhaps I would get in touch with you when it's closer to time to leave for the advice on the apartment situation

Well, almost everyone speaks English, but definitely as far as research, I would have needed more Spanish skills, which are much better now that I live in the Bronx.  Ha ha!  I think you could probably support yourself on a serving job if you work at one of the touristy places.  I'm not sure about other types of restaurants.  And, I paid $600/month, but I learned that was high, you could get something for less than $400 easily.  Electric could be high in summer, but I didn't need AC, so it is cheap if you don't use it.  And, yea, I haven't looked at this list serve in forever, but saw Rincon, so figured I would respond.  Let me know about the apartment.

Unemployment is very high in PR and the competition for jobs is strong. Locals able to speak both languages will likely have a leg up on you.

I don't recommend anyone to come look for a job, but who knows, you may get lucky. Have an exist strategy and money set aside for a ticket back home, just in case.

Coming here as an American looking for a job is folly.

As Rey said, bilingual Puerto Ricans will usurp you. Period. Unless you look like JLO. Sucks, but it's true.

I'm a very talented musician and Hopefully can put those skills to good use as well I've played guitar for about 19 years and I can play a variety of things and I'd be willing to play in any of the areas there and I plan to be completely fluent in Spanish before I go, so I will be bilingual,  already have a good knowledge of most Spanish and I will have a dedication that I guess most Americans don't to finding a good serving and/or bartending job at night/  at first and then perhaps something more professional down the line. and I'll do everything I can to fit in with the locals and make friends with them instead of competing, although at the end of the day I know when it comes down to one position available for a job that's still competition but I will try to really immerse myself in the culture and become friends with people and make good connections because I plan to stay there forever.  I honestly don't plan to have an exit strategy, I'm one of those people Who think that would only demotivate me from really committing and going the extra mile to check every nook and cranny for potential possibilities.  Basically I will have no choice but to succeed. which I found so far in life to be the best policy although sometimes the riskiest it's always paid off for me.  It helps that I'm  still young I suppose and only responsible for myself, or else I'm sure this would be a different story.

I wish you a lot, a big lot of good luck. You're going to need it....

Thanks !

Hope it works out for you.

Maybe you can teach guitar - we had a college student living in our development that taught guitar lessons.  He did quite well.
You can also keep tabs on DoD schools - every so often positions open up for teacher/support personnel - not sure what their music program is like, but it may be with checking out.

Thanks that sounds perfect I have taught lessons many times

Keep us posted about your progress.  Best wishes.

Hi. I'm also looking to purchase a condo, townhouse in rincon. My husband & I went for vacation & fell in love. We want something within walking distance to the beach as well as into town. Love the small town layer back vibe! My question is where should we look?? Stella? Corcege?   HELP!

There are some FB groups you could join:
Friends of Rincon, Rincon Puerto Rico.
Good luck!

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