Asslyum in Mauritius

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Just want to find out whether Mauritius accepts assylum seekers...and how often?  I have failed to find any information online.

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Mauritius has signed conventions pertaining to international refugees and asylum seekers but has not ratified or acceded to any of them.

I did some internal research. In 2001, there were 14 registered entrees in Mauritius but as of 2006, the number was down to 0.
Therefore, I would safely guess Mauritius is no longer granting asylum.

Thank you... Very insightful.

Normally Refugees and Asylum seekers arrive firstly at the country they intend to apply for that sort of status and I suppose to get to Mauritius from any of the countries where many of these people come from would cost a lot of money as in reality unless you are a stowaway on board a large ocean going vessel the only way you get to Mauritius is by air.  It is not like crossing a small stretch of the Mediterranean sea to Italy.  Also as Mauritius is so far from many places asylum seekers use the nearest country as a starting block to get to their ultimate destination.  Places like the UK where they can get lots of free assistance , social housing healthcare etc ,  Mauritius does not do much of that sort of thing either

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