Advice about getting teaching gigs?

Hey guys!

May I ask you for advice?

I want to become an English teacher in China. I am a completely fluent speaker and I feel confident I can teach. However I am not from an English speaking country, my home country is Ukraine. I have a white face, I hear that matters a lot. And I don't have certificates like TOEFL or anything like that. And no previous experience.

But I hear that in China there is a shortage of teachers so people like me can get hired anyway, although it is technically illegal. I want to try and make direct contact with an employer, bypassing middleman agencies.

I would very much appreciate any advice you can give me from your perspective. Thank you in advance and have a great day!


You want to find a job without having applicable certificates or experience. You know that you are not eligible for a work visa. You want to avoid all those ("middlemen") whose job it is to help people like you. And you can't figure out that a question about employment in China is better placed in the China forum than the "Expat Cafe" (which is for general, international issues of being a foreigner).
Won't work, my gut feeling says!
At least you could start by getting a TEFL certificate and some teaching experience in your country first. Then widen your search to countries where you'd be allowed to work legally.


If you have a BA of any kind, getting a Work Visa or Teaching Visa is not a problem. 

If you lack teaching credentials, but have a BA,  you can qualify by taking a test through the Chinese Government.  The test checks your basic knowledge of China and knowledge of teaching theory. 

I would suggest you just have Google or DuckDuckGo open, to search for answers on the fly.  The test is timed.

If you do not have a BA (University degree) the only way you are getting in is through the illegitimate ways...and that opens you up to many many 'bad' situations.


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You cannot work in china as an English teacher. In order to get a proper working visa to be an English teacher you have to have a passport from a list of 5 native English language countries.

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