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My wife to have a divorce. I want to go back to the philippines, but she told me that she will file a divorce if i will go back. Looking forward, she can marry here but how about me, I cannot, because it is not applicable/recorgnized by the philippine law. So unfair

Please advise.

Hi Kcarlo
Sorry to hear about your predicament ...can you
be a little bit more precise  about your situation? Are you Canadian, PR or citizen  ? What is your current location ?Where were you married ? Do you have any children ?

thanks for your response..
we have PR. we are here in halifax NS. we dont have any children..

we got married in the philippines..

Am in Uganda I want to come to Canada

Hi Kcarlo ,a divorce obtained in any Province of Canada is recognized in any country of the world even though the mariage were not perform here  ,so if your wife wants to go ahead with the process and obtain a divorce,you can return to the Philippines as a free man .

are you sure about that?but
philippines dont recognize divorce..

Yes it does I know personally two persons from there who got divorce.Its easier when you do it here and then go back .

thanks for the info..

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