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What are the initial steps I need to take to prepare for working in France?   I am thinking it may be a VISA.  Is this accurate?  Thank you!!

Yes, there is a special visa for working here.  It is very difficult to work here because they prefer to employ their own people first.  Rightfully so, unless you have a special position or qualification which would make you very desirable to work here.  Not to be negative , it's just the truth.  You can't get a working visa without a company actually wanting to hire you.  Even at that , they must prove and show why they would hire an "outsider". 
Look up on the French Embassy site closest to the State you are living in. 
Good luck!  Also, speak some French before thinking of moving here.  Life will be much easier of course .

One more note, if it's a dream to live in France than don't let anything get in your way!  I was traveling here for more than 8 years for work and also because I  love the culture and language.  I would come and stay 6 weeks at a time . Yes it cost a lot of money but it was a dream.  The other reality is that France can be frustrating !!! Although I had been coming here for so long .... it's completely different when you are plunged into living here long term.  I became tougher mentally and learned a lot !  Mainly what I want to say is that if it's a passion and desire than keep going!  You can send me a personal message if you need more help or questions.  I would be happy to help !


First rule : learn their language. That will be your tool to find a job, 2nd is the skills that you got. Then the rest will be ok.


as us citizen, you can stay in france for 9O days without visa, (or europe), then you can look for a job, if the boss is willing to do the working permit for you, it s the easiest way, or you can search online for such jobs then the employer would have to do all the tasks to obtain it for you.

there are plenty jobs you could apply to, even if u cant talk french, international ones, or teaching, or...etc etC..


I'm still trying to put things in place to one day make the move .......but.............

I have previously worked in Malaysia for a European company and agreed at that time to let the Malaysian company sort out the work permit for me (they're local, they know the requirements, they know what should be done. Right??) Never ever will I do anything like that again. The ensuing fraud of the immigration department that occurred without my knowledge (My employment contract was obtained without my knowledge or consent & various pages were replaced!!) could've landed myself and others in BIG trouble & with a HUGE tax bill. Fortunately we stumbled upon this, & after visiting a solicitor found out what the correct process should be & what had obviously occurred.  As such I would most STRONGLY advise doing any visa / permit work yourself. Ask the local company for advise possibly but organise everything yourself. I know my experience was from a totally different part of the world..............but............... once bitten twice shy.
:-) Bonne Chaunce :-)

i was married to a malay, i know what u mean...
but france is very strict with that.
and even if such a thing would happen, they would be comprehensive and would blame the employer not you, he would pay a heavy price...just like what happened to a filipina friend in paris (foreign employer), but that s another story, he ended in jail, and she got her working permit and visa. she has been working in paris for over 20 years now.

the rule here is motivation, with the high unemployement rate, employers have the choice and the opportunity to be picky, don t get upset if they don t reply, and with employment agencies like manpower, harrass them, call them every 3 days until they get something for you, and also they would remember you if they get the right job.

la defense is the nest of several international companies, like SITA(not the trashcan depository company, but aeronautical one) , IBM, etc...that could be a good place to start, and go to work agences.

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