Moving out to Damman next week

Hi moving out to Damman next week and have to find my won accommodation anyone got any tips. apartment or compound, I did come across this place while searching GULF HOMES COMPOUND.

It will only be for myself so all I need is a bed, TV, internet places to eat and stuff to do. I am not looking to spend a fortune because as mentioned it is coming out of my own money.

Oh and will be working out of Saudi Aramco offices. 

Thanks in advance

I am moving next week too will be working in KAAC however will be going to Abu Dhabi first o I won't arrive in Dammam until mid July. If you find any good places let me know. The company will put me in a hotel firxt

Welcome to ksa 👍 I think compounds are the better place for western people because its looks like there citys especially aramco compound👍
Good luck.

I will live in a hotel for the first six months while hunting

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