What would you do if your tyres got slashed?

This morning I noticed my tyres got slashed? I live in a block of flats and I park my car in front of the building like everybody else. I have no idea who could have done it but the signs on the tyres are clear. Four small punctures done with a thick needle. What should I do? Should I call the police?

That would depend on the state of the local coppers.
If they aren't corrupt and you're 100% legal, call them.

Thnx. I will call them.

Hi Martaanna,

Some basic questions which you will be asked would be roughly along the following lines :
(1) Are there any other vehicles which were vandalised besides yours that night or yours was the only one ?
(2) Has this sort of wilful damage ever happened before in your building premises ?
(3) Does your block of apartments have CCTV coverage, like most residential buildings these days have ?
(4) Your building must have a caretaker for sure. Ask him for some explanation.
(5) Anybody, you suspect who could have probably be involved in doing this ?

Obviously, you need to report this to the ROP. The sooner, the better. Calling the emergency number would be a wasted effort. Go personally to your nearest ROP station. But do go along with some local, if you even want your case to be heard.

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