Marriage in egypt on a tourist visa

Hi, I am a filipino living in uae.  I am going to egypt after 2 months to marry my egyptian fiancé but on a tourist visa.  I want know if I can get married there on a tourist visa or if not what should I do? Thanks

yes you can you just need a lawyer to do  the contract

and to register it with the government and that is it......

just remember if you are a woman you can get citizenship from your husband

but if you are a man then you will have to get a visa every 3 to 6 months

the laws were changed March 1 2017

Hi thanks for the reply, I just want to know if what requirements do I have to bring for the marriage.


Coming from UK to marry Egyptian man.  I have all my documents... however... I want a document that states he is not entitled to anything of mine if we divorce
Do you know of any such documents that are  legal?
Thank you

yes just did this for two of my american friends my

lawyer is quit good at getting you married and protecting

your interest if you need his his English is perfect and his Arabic

let me know and will give you his name

and you do know your airport visa is now only 30 days

not 90 any more and all marriage laws changed

on March 1, 2017 and all is different

so if you need my lawyer let me know he does from

many countries

yes you can but remember the visa at the airport is now only 30 days

no more 90 days and my lawyer can help you do every thing if you want

also be aware the marriage laws changed on March 1 2017 and

visa laws

Please be so kind as to send me the lawyer contact details
Thank you

on messenger it is Tamer Afefe


mobile number

tell his from Dr. Maimunah

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Hello my friend from kenya came hea two years ago with visit visa but it exipired now she want to get another one ua lawyer can help her?

I will ask befor I comité my self but he most likly can can

get back to you soon

his name is Tamer Afefe  ....... on  FB and messenger

he will get it done I spoke to him about you

he has many foreign clients and does good for them

yes he can get you your visa and any thing else you need

on messenger Tamer Afefe


just tell him I sent you he has been my  lawyer

for 8 years

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Hi everyone. I will go to Egypt next month.. just wanted to ask the roughly total cost for the requirements there. And i have non marriage certificate with the stamped from the department of foreign affairs in philippines, is it enough? or i do i need to bring it to egypt to the philippines embassy in egypt?
What paper should I bring with me for marriage there?

Thank you in advance..

Hi Laady24
I’m American already in Cairo and planning to marry. Can you put me in touch with your lawyer, I wasn’t aware things had changed. I thought I still just had to go to embassy for the statement from the notary. I’d rather go thru an atty anyway.

Hello Miss

I have read through some of your messages, could you please give me the details of your lawyer friend, ?

thank you in advance,

Tamer ***

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Hello everyone here
Kindly help me with any information
I am an Egyptian Muslim guy looking for married from Christian Philippines girl she will come to visit me in Egypt and get married

So it’s possible to get married and what need to finish this marriage .


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