looking for a great beach town with excellent surfing

Hello Everyone,
We are a couple moving from Redondo Beach, CA.  Previously we lived in Bend, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.
We are close to semi-retirement and looking for a great beach town with excellent surfing.  My husband has been surfing all his life and is hoping to walk to the beach and ride waves every day.   I know that I'd prefer a less humid and cooler temperature, but in the end, good surfing will have top priority I believe.
I'd like to make new friends and enjoy social events with other expats.  I'd also like to travel around Ecuador on short trips with a group of friends, after we're settled. 
We think we'd like to lease a beachfront apartment or condo, and we need to find a pet-friendly situation, as our cats are coming along.  Because of the 2016 earthquake, I'd like to know if the buildings have codes for stabilization in earthquakes.  Is there a major fault zone on the coast of Ecuador?
If any surfers are reading, what beaches are great for an athletic advanced surfer... and which have the least water pollution?  A very big concern to us is the quality of the ocean water and this will be a huge factor in where we choose to live.  Do any of the towns use sewage treatment plants, or is raw sewage commonly directed into the beach areas?  The reason I ask, is my husband became very sick on a trip in Mexico at a very popular sufing destination and we had to ask a doctor to come to our hotel twice.  Fortunately he recovered quickly with no long-term health issues.
Thank you for the warm welcome!
Looking forward to meeting interesting new friends!
Best regards,
Myrna Minkoff

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Montañita is number one... Canoa would be 2nd ...and Salinas, the Mar Bravo side with Punta Carnero, la Diablica and FAE would be number 3.

All three are clean with low e coli though to be perfectly frank, the freshest water is going to probably be down in Anconcito. Heavy strong tides on a rocky bottom, very local small crowd, secret surf spot. Montanita has a big crowd and is a tourist area, that increases waste right at the puntat during big holiday weekends and it has a sandy bottom.

Come on down for a visit. I've been living on the coast here in Santa Elena in both Anconcito and Montañita over 9 years now.


The view from my very bohemian flat in el Centro Montañita, about
1/2 km from the Punta 😎 taken in March. Decidedly cloudy now and will be for three months.


Is it the Minimarket Jean-Pierre? I was quite honored when I saw the place :-)

Why yes it is!
And I believe I am acquainted with your very talented daughter :-)  Good to see you here !

Hi there, most definitely Canoa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kihYZgDBGT8 check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdyjVlyDcIA

I always thought this was an interesting overview of Ecuador beaches.  Nevertheless, it is the author's opinion in many instances.  Therefore, reasonable minds may differ!  The first beach shown is in Playas and as you navigate the site by clicking on "NEXT BEACH" you will move along the coast to the Santa Elina beaches, including Salinas, and north all the way to Esmeraldas.

http://ecuadorbeaches.org/beaches/guaya … mil-beach/

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