Anyone from the Lake Arnel area?

I am shifting my research to Lake Arenal.  I would like to hear from some one who live in the region.  I would also like to know about the nearest major city to the area.  I love nature and want to be able to photograph and hike.  I am will to look at other areas that include beaches, rivers as long as I can enjoy a quite area.  The city is not for me but I will have to make a few into a city for medical purposes.
How is the internet down there?  I do currently work from home and practically move any where.  I enjoy TV will I be able to get satellite like Direct TV with the American feed. I am going to be taking a 20 day trip to check the area out and hope to meet expats who live there.  So everyone send me suggestions as to where I should visit and think about living down there

I wouldn't rely on the internet in the area, especially if you are out of town. During the rainy season you will lose the connection and often you can't hear your call over the Skype or when watching TV. Many have to rely on mobile net, not cable  or ICE, as  land lines are now few and far between. I don't think Direct TV offers a US feed, at least they didn't when we used it. If they do, it will be expensive.
The nearest 'city' is Liberia.

Until you are a legal resident you may have trouble signing up for a land line internet access and limited access thru' a mobile connection.

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