From South Korea he travels from BG to Potugal by foot

Hello everyone

We had a young man from South Korea Soang Jim  who came to Bulgaria to walk on foot from Burgas to Lisbon Potugal, he spent one night with us in Voynika and last night in Yambol with a Bulgarian family and now we're helping him to find nice people to host him for one night.

He walks about 20/25 km a day

His road is from Yambol to Nova Zagora, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Sofia then to Macedonia so if you live on live in these town or in between please let me know if you can help then I'll put you in touch with him.

I can't upload his photo but I can send you to you by email, the kid is really sweet
Thank you very much … -portugal/


Hello Sihemt

How beautiful and amazing!
We have an open door to this young man, but not sure if we are on route, DEVETAKI, Lovech is our nearest town and would be more than happy to pick him up, give hospitality and drop him of in a convenient destination. 

How did all this come about, would love to hear the story behind this.

Warm regards

Thank you Shinina but it's far away for him. He finished university and decided to travel by foot from East to Ouest of Europe and meet people
He has a tent and I really want to find him a safe place to sleep as he has a bad experience in Kremer, he asked people for help but they didn't want to so he put his tent somewher and then at 1am some people came to yell at him.

Anyone in sofia toland a couch to Seon Jin?
Here is his facebook page to contact him or to follow his challange from Bulgaria to Lisbon
He speaks English

Interview with a news paper
Seong Jin had few interviews in tv and news paper

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