How to shift or change my tier 2 ict to general

Hi, I came here in London last year November under company sponsored visa tier 2 ict. However, it says that that after 5 years I have no right to file for indefinite leave to remain and that I have to go back my country and can apply again after the cooling off period which is 1 year.  Does anyone here can help me how to go about it? As I don't like to waste my time while here in UK. I like to possible change my tier 2 visa ict to general.



me also is tier 2 ict but long term staff  leave to enter

what to do u mean? im tier ict long term staff as well.. but based on uk law theres no chance that u can apply for indefinite leave to remain after 5years.

when i apply  my tier 2 ict long term staff in three year i can apply for migrant here in Uk  so i can stay here for good

can you tell me more how did u do that?  i have ict long term visa for 3 years as well.

You can stay for 9 years by being paid upwards of £120,000 else this visa cannot be changed. Having said that there will be agents around who have connections and for a fee anything can happen.

Oh that's too much salary to extend to 9 years.  How about connection your telling me? How can I find them?

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