Anyone flown in with puppy less than 4 months old?

We have friends that just had beautiful puppies and we were hoping to purchase one to bring back to our home in DR. The problem is that we will be travelling from Toronto to Samana when the puppy is only 8 weeks old. The official rules from DR is that dogs brought in must have rabies shots at least 30 days before arriving in DR. Puppies can't have their rabies shots until 3 months old, so 'officially' they need to be 4 months old to be accepted here. But I've also seen the questionnaire for the vet check-up before travelling and it says "the veterinarian may certify the failure to implement the rabies vaccine because of insufficient age according to the vaccination schedule for the species". 
Has anyone successfully brought in a puppy without rabies shots?

I am not aware of it but will ask our local rescue organizacion DCDR.

Can't do it.  You will either have to wait a month, or adopt one here

Bob K

Hello Bob K

For that information look on Facebook a local Dominican charity called "dogs and cat of Luperon" (i don't really remember the exact name. They have dozens of dogs in need of adoption. They also know the logistics for pet travel.

Let me know if you found the site. If not I will make some calls to get the number for you.

I specifically asked Dogs & Cats DR this question. Awaiting answers

Were you able to find out if DR will accept a pet even if Vet certificate states puppy was too young to administer rabie shot?

There is a great vet in Sosua, Dr. Bob. He has a website and is very responsive. Perhaps you could email him for advice. He was very helpful to us when we brought our pup, last month. Granted, she is 5 months, but he might have some good info.

Great reference Christie ;-) I will follow up with him tomorrow.

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