Mistake in the birth certificate! What can I do?

I have issued my son birth certificate with a slight mistake ( dont know if it is a slight mistake or not) but anyhow I regiseterd my  parents name switched, my father name instead of my mother and vice versa.

My son has no problem as his name is accompanied by mine, the problem is when I issued the RNE my parents names are switched, so my father name now is my mother name, ofcourse this requires that i go back to the notary and change my sons birth certificate and then issue the RNE once again!

Please let me know how long is thia process gonna take as i am in sao paulo till the end of june 2017 and today and tomorrow is off in brazil so i have to go with the process from Monday.

Many thanks

Hi Darwish

Please note that as per the info I have it can take anywhere between 3 weeks to 6 weeks for the new cards to be printed and sent back.

The remainder of the procedure depends on the Policia Federal officers.  As they are supposed to take back your IDs with the incorrect information and issue a Protocolo while your new iDs are being printed.

However this differs from officer to officer hence it is advisable for you to meet them and talk to them face to face

Good luck and do keep us posted on your experience


Thanks alot for your message, today i went to the cortori and i issued the borth certificate once again with the right information, tomorrow i shall go to the policia federal in order to see how i can redo the RNE, but thanks alot for ur message

Hi Darwish

That's wonderful news that the Cartorio has reissued the birth certificate with the accurate information.

Please do me a favor and keep us posted on what transpires with Policia Federal


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