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Thanks to all of you for sharing valuable information.

I am offered a position in the same Al-qurrayat college but i am not sure if they can send me iqama(visa) or not. There as someone who commented on their Linkedin post that Pakistani/indians are not being offered visa support..

Though i am a Pakistani national but i am living in Africa from last 3 years working as ESL instructor. Would it help me in any way?

What have you found out? I am considering an offer too.

Did you get your answer? I just finished the interview process and sent in my documents. They are really good about responding back. Usually, it takes time because they need to check one's references, etc.

Have you heard back and when will you be there, and which location?



How did your situation work out? Where will you be and did Oxford finish your paperwork? I interviewed for an ESL instructor position this week.

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I would love to hear from someone who is working there now.

I turned the position down. They seem to be a good company but the communication is not good. Also, it would be very strict for me to live in Saudi as a woman.

There are other good options outside of Saudi. Look at Dave’s ESL or Indeed.

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Hi ,  how long it take to hear back from them after zoom interview. Thanks in  advance

I don't remember exactly, but it wasn't long at all.
The recruiter -- Charlotte -- has been very communicative, good about answering questions and responding. The actual school... not so much. But, I did hear back from the interview right away.


Could you please advise, after you tried Oxford, how is it like?

Its good housing but management is so bad as i work for them in past .

Salam alaikom.. anyone working currently in TOP in Madinah? Any tips ( and pros/cons) about the college itself,, had some interviews but now seriously considering it insha'Allah.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!

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