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Thanks to all of you for sharing valuable information.

I am offered a position in the same Al-qurrayat college but i am not sure if they can send me iqama(visa) or not. There as someone who commented on their Linkedin post that Pakistani/indians are not being offered visa support..

Though i am a Pakistani national but i am living in Africa from last 3 years working as ESL instructor. Would it help me in any way?

What have you found out? I am considering an offer too.

Did you get your answer? I just finished the interview process and sent in my documents. They are really good about responding back. Usually, it takes time because they need to check one's references, etc.

Have you heard back and when will you be there, and which location?



How did your situation work out? Where will you be and did Oxford finish your paperwork? I interviewed for an ESL instructor position this week.

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I would love to hear from someone who is working there now.

I turned the position down. They seem to be a good company but the communication is not good. Also, it would be very strict for me to live in Saudi as a woman.

There are other good options outside of Saudi. Look at Dave’s ESL or Indeed.

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Hi ,  how long it take to hear back from them after zoom interview. Thanks in  advance

I don't remember exactly, but it wasn't long at all.
The recruiter -- Charlotte -- has been very communicative, good about answering questions and responding. The actual school... not so much. But, I did hear back from the interview right away.


Could you please advise, after you tried Oxford, how is it like?

Its good housing but management is so bad as i work for them in past .

Salam alaikom.. anyone working currently in TOP in Madinah? Any tips ( and pros/cons) about the college itself,, had some interviews but now seriously considering it insha'Allah.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!

Hi Ghada

I am in the same situation at the moment. Can you please help me with your experience and how you managed.

Desperately need your advice


Hi ateeqa

Can you share your experience with me. I am in the same situation and would like to know how did you manage kids?

Thanks in advance

Its very tough to work with them as weak structure with no employees retention and motivation policy. You have to listen one thing against each query or argument that its in your contract or you can leave. The only thing is money otherwise nothing good.

Yes I agree.

You worked there? are you currently employed there? how did you manage kids ?

You need to arrange everything on your own as no housing with kids and no allowance for that. Sometimes you will be asked to stay behind due to extra over loaded pathetic deadlines. For kids some teachers have opted for nurseries so you can go for that, better to call someone from your family to stay with you and kids as i think its hard to live alone with kids without husband but some teachers are also managing it quite well.

There is a school at Qurayat and the teacher housing is quite nice. The neighborhood is good with lots of cafes and shops. Be aware, though, that you could be transferred to any of the other schools and the housing is of varying quality. The housing in Sakaka, for example, is really substandard. So... no guarantees.

Look, it's a very tough place to work. The actual work is not that bad, though there is a lot of paperwork... more than average. The real problem is how you are treated. There is very little teacher autonomy, teachers are not respected, you are just a cog in the machine and you can expect to be treated that way. Get set to be assigned deadlines which are literally impossible to meet, to be asked to work late at the very last minute, and you will be expected to happily change any of your own plans to accommodate these last-minute demands. I urge you to really think about whether or not you want to endure a year of assault on your humanity.

That was informative. Thank you so much.

What are the packages offered for foundation vs vocational typically like? Is there any difference ? and is there is scope for teacher to slide in these areas?

appreciate your response and patience.

Where I was located foundation and vocational operated completely apart from one another. I really can't talk about it. Just don't know.

Thank you so much. Appreciate your efforts.

Have a good day!

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Hi All,
I am just writing to ask some questions about the Oxford Partnership College , Saudi Arabia. Well , I was interviewed by TOP in April and and then when I contacted them after 2 weeks they said that I had passed the interview and they would get back to me in July. However , so far I havent heard from them knowing that few days left for July. Have you or your colleagues already experienced such a situation. Are they going to contact me again for the offer or that means that they are no longer interested in recruiting me.


Please what are the interview questions? Could you please tell me a bit about the interview? Thanks

please I want to know about the salary? Thanks

Hi guys,

I've got an offer from TOP but what makes me sad is that they don't give me iqama,instead they offered me a work visit visa. Is that a norm over there? Or is it just because of my nationality isn't in the quota for iqama? I'm really considering this position.But I know I won't be able to get a bank account neither a SIM card,is that right? How do I go about the internet then? The accommodation they provide doesn't have any.
Any tips and ideas?
On the one hand the money is good but on the other I was hoping for some legal status.

Can u tell me please about interview questions

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