I am preparing to depart for Chiang Mai Spring or Summer 2018. 

I have visited Chiang Mai in the past, and have spent these past two years in the States downsizing and preparing for a long-term stay in Chiang Mai.

Will be attending Payap University as a part-time student.  Will be using my Post 9/11 GI Bill.

ME:  US citizen, US Veteran (retiree), age 62, female, widowed

SITUATION:  BEFORE I rent a place for long-term living. I will be traveling all over SE Asia for about 6 months.  After I am done traveling, THEN I will look for a 2 bed/2bath place to rent.

BEFORE I begin my 6 months of traveling, I will need to store 4 pieces of regular-sized trunk luggage in Chaing Mai.

QUESTION ONE:  Is this possible?  Need storage website and point of contact.


Also, as I understand it, Thailand allows for an "Education VISA" - BUT - requires full-time study.

I can get a RETIREE VISA instead so I WON'T have to enroll in full-time study - I want to attend University as a part-time student and use my Post 9/11 GI Bill.  So a RETIREE VISA will be my preferred VISA as it can get around the full-time study requirements of an EDUCATION VISA.

QUESTION TWO:  Do I apply for a THAILAND RETIREE VISA in the USA BEFORE I depart?  Remember, I will simply want to store my luggage for the first six months and be traveling, so will NOT be renting a place in Chiang Mai (no rental agreement) until after I am done travelling.

All accurate answers to these two questions will be of great value to me.



I would call the Thailand Consulate in the US, and ask about the part time student visa. Which you most likely already have. I would apply for your Retirement visa while in the US. It will be much easier.  We may be able to store your luggage for you.

nwlivewire :

QUESTION ONE:  Is this possible?  Need storage website and point of contact.

You can look at the following :

- airport storage
- hotel storage
- private member
- you will find many websites if you google ( use ) chiang mai storage, for example :
           chiang mai self storage ping property
           chiang mai buddy box storage

Good luck

Thank-you for your response!


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