Anyone for a serious squash game?


My husband plays Business League Gauteng/Johannesburg (SA) squash ..... lives and breathes the game!!

We arrive in Mauritius from 21 July 2017 and will probably be staying in the Black River area - so not sure where there are squash courts on the island but can travel.... (we are relocating to Mauritius very shortly, hence the visit)!

If there are any SA expats/locals looking for a serious game - please let me know who is interested and we'll catch up when we are there for a game or two!

So, who is interested???



Hi Paula,

In the Black River area you will find 2 squash courts at the squash club managed by Jean Pierre Florens. I usually play there with friends on the Wednesdays at 7.30pm.

However I have the feeling that your husband is playing at a good level and we will not represent a good challenge for him :-)

You can contact me through a private message and I will give you the phone number of Mr Florens or we can also arrange a meeting between us on a Wednesday and we'll introduce you to people who can find proper squash challengers for your husband level.

Cheers !


Hi paula,

I will be moving to black river in November and love my squash so would be keen for a game. No idea where the courts are or if there's a league etc. guess will find that out when we get there. But good to know there are other south Africans in black river who want to hit.


Hi Nick...have you arrived and settled in black river yet?? We arrive in 2 weeks time...all packed up in SA and looking forward to the move....let me know if you've managed to arrange any squash games as yet? Would be awesome to arrange a game for my husband and son!!! Cheers Paula

Hi Paula, yes we've just arrived. Haven't managed a squash game yet as still settling in, but apparently there are courts in Black River. When I have time I'll head down to them and find out what the deal is, and let you know.


The court at the Racing Club in Trianon is worth looking into :)

Hi Paula - just saw your message about a squash game for your husband.  Are you guys still in Mauritius?  I work in Port Louis and live in Terre Rouge, and could play if you're still around...  My work number is 210 9334.  Best, Julien

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