San Juan Night *** Tonight ***

*** TONIGHT ***
It is tradition that every year people dunk themselves into the sea (backwards, facing the land not the sea) on this night to repel all bad things and change their luck. It has become a big party with music, chinchorros and food trucks.

The festivities are tonight. Here is a spanish article about it you can use Google translate: … n-2333953/

Not sure what other towns have planned

Sounds like fun!  Shucks....we will be visiting next week.

Thought I'd share this info... 

Every year on June 23rd, the people of Puerto Rico celebrate “Noche de San Juan”.  During that night, family and friends go together to the beach and at midnight, dive backwards into the sea.  This tradition symbolizes a spiritual regeneration by means of an external cleansing as taught and performed by John the Baptist in the waters of the Jordan River. John the Baptist, was born on June 24th ,therefore it is believed that at midnight on the eve of this celebration, the waters are blessed and acquire special powers to heal the sick, purify the soul and take away evil.

We will be hanging out by the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, let me know if you'll be in the area!

Thanks a lot Marie Golak, this is a much better explanation than mine.

Would love to but i am still stuck in Massachusetts. Maybe next year.

How cool!!  Sounds like fun!

Same festival in Culebra y Vieques on that night.....and perhaps throughout P.R.. Anyone know of that is indeed true?

All over the island, enjoy!

At seven seas in Fajardo right now and many people are set up in tents.  Not sure if it's more than usual for a Friday but we wondered if they were camping out for tonight's festivities.

Likely, but a lot of people do camp out at beaches during the weekends. That is why I like to go during the week, a lot quieter and less people.

True.  We were at Luquillo beach on Wednesday, many more people than we expected for a weekday and even twice as many than Seven Seas right now on a Friday afternoon, surprisingly. Although location may have something to do with that too.

I used to go when I was a teen and into my 20th to San Juan night but at San Juan, that is why I did not know it was celebrated everywhere.

For the celebration, at midnight you plunge yourself backwards 3 to 9 times. you are basically going thru a baptism. Any body of water will do. Not rum, water! :lol: So don't dunk yourself in a bathtub full of rum.

Enjoy Despacito. … 121160971/

I couldn't find any info on this year and the events time and location. Could you send me a link or in the right direction. I'd love to partake while in PR.

I dont have a recent link, it is still a month away

Try going on puerto rico day trips facebook  page and ask them in a private message

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