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I am from Montenegro and I am  31. I am currently working as an English teacher in the international school in Montenegro. I have a great experience working with children, especially with preschool and early age students. I am very good at teaching students English through stories, art and crafts, sport ( I am very keen on running ). I can teach them writing, speaking, reading all through interesting resources. I have interesting online websites also I used to teach my students.

I am a mother of two lovely children similar to your children's age; my son is 7 years old and my daughter is 5 years old. They can also play together if you would like that of course :)

My husband is a PE teacher also looking for a job in Hamburg. He has a great experience as a teacher as well as a fitness instructor ( personal trainer ).

I am very interested in teaching children and adults English or child caring your children and I think I am a perfect fit. I have a valid driving licence and I have no problem to keep children engaged and willing to learn. I am a non-smoker.

If you are interested in my profile, please send me an e- mail for further details.

My best,

One problem is that coming from Montenegro you are not in the EU. Thus anyone wanting to hiring you has to first prove they could not find someone suitable from the EU. The other thing is that the standard for English teachers in Germany is very high.  You don't mention if you speak German, which is always a plus and you are not actually a native English speaker. From your post I would say your English is not bad but obviously not native. Maybe you would have better chances in countries like Spain or Portugal than in Germany...

milijanica :

I am a mother of two lovely children similar to your children's age;

Who did you address this sentence to and how do you know his/her kids' ages?
To teach English in Germany, you normally need an educational university degree or at least a TEFL certificate - and you have to compete with (i.e. be in some respect better than) English-speaking EU citizens, which includes many native speakers.
God luck - you'll need it!

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