Teaching in Kuwait - Visa procedure - UK

Hi Guys,

can someone give me some clarification on some of the matters below.

1) I had been offered a Job in Kuwait in May and i accepted.

2) Since then i had renewed my passport and sent HR a copy, in return they sent me the flight itenary.

3)Do i produce my DBS after my visa / NOC arrives?

4) I understand that Kuwait requires a 3 month valid DBS. I am currently signed up to the DBS update service. I have a certificate which was issued in 2015 for Children's Workforce. I have an Adult workforce one issued in March 2017. Both on the update service, will that count or will i have to re-apply?

5) I have contacted my local notary. What documents do i need to get signed off by the notary. I understand that my drivers license, undergraduate degree (certificate and transcript) has to be signed and then stamped by the foreign and commonwealth office in the UK.

6) Does the same need to be done for my PGCE Certificate, Transcript and my QTS?

7) Can the notary do anything in regards to the current DBS certificates i have considering that i have two DBS's both on the update service?

8) If my DBS is considered not valid then should I apply for a ACRO police check after i receive my visa? and then get it signed by a notary and stamped by FCO.

I would appreciate it if someone (ideally a teacher from uk) can clarify or provide details of what you had to do?


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