Job Prospects for a Supply Chain Professional

Hello Everyone,

I'm a young professional, with 2.5 year of experience in the logistics and supply chain industry, currently working in Singapore.
I think I'm doing relatively well here but would really like to experience working in a rapidly developing economy like Vietnam.

I'm scholar and a degree holder from one of the top universities in Asia.

I've been searching on Vietnamworks for the past 2 weeks and have only gotten 1 reply (which was for me to send my cover letter on top of my resume).

Would like to know from you guys about the chances of getting a supply chain/logistics related job in any of the MNCs with bases in Vietnam?

I'm unable to speak Vietnamese but am fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks!! :)

In my experience your chances are very slim. A Viet company will not hire you and most larger companies bring their own people over and hire locals.

Thanks for your reply !
Care to share how u ended up in Vietnam as an expat?

James, your skill set is common here and most companies will go for local labour, however, saying that if you have a specialised skill/qualification that is in demand then you could be hired but be expected to mentor a local for them to gain the knowledge.
In the meantime try Robert Walters Vietnam (They also have an office in Singas)   
You may find an opportunity in Vietnam on their website

Hi Deepsix6,

Appreciate your reply. I've applied a couple of jobs from Robert Walters already, but unfortunately my skillset didn't match their requirements.
Will continue searching. Thank you!

Hi James, try DHL Supply Chain VN, I heard they are looking for transport/warehouse manager


AMCham is having a Suppiers Night on September 13. I was planning to go but I have to travel on that day. It may be worthwile to check it out. … -cap-2017/

Thanks a lot man, i'll check it out!


Your wecome and good luck.

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