DP10 Visa

Hi All any one can tell me what is the cost of DP10 Visa
with all the processing charges any knows pls let me know am in need of the information

Thanks & regards

There is no fee for DP10 approval, but a very small fee for issuing the visa into the passport.

The employer has to apply online. Sometimes they may ask an agent to act for them and they charge fees. … s-answers/

This link explains to be careful of agents. I've heard of people being charge RM 6,000 or more by an agent. Usually an employer can arrange with an agent.

Usually the employer will pay all fees - if they value their employees - and they never ask for money in advance for immigration, hotel, travel.

Is any one had went through the DP 10 visa process and can any agent or any employer has told about for visa how much it cost ......Coz y am asking is my employer told me it cost RM 11000 is it true he applied by agent dont know how much true it is

Agent or employer can ask you to pay any number. It is their service - they charge what they want. But RM11,000 is nearly one year salary......... 

The immigration is free - the stamp is about RM200

My employer told me this much it will charge for DP 10 Visa am not under standing this  so much to pay for Visa
ok normally if any agent want to do this kind of visa how much they will charge for this approximately just for example

The agent can charge what they want. Your employer has told you what you have to pay. Yes, it's far too much. But that is because Agents are like that. You want the visa - you will have to pay - or you should find another employer who does not want to cheat you.

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