Beer in Western P.R.

Ok. Getting down to the essentials.
Where can a guy buy Miller High Life (you know...the great tasting full-bodied cheap beer in the gold can) in Western Puerto Rico....and as equally important...why and when did Medallia cans get so darned small?

I might suggest Dylan's BierGarten in Hatillo.  They have two locations, one in the campo attracts a slightly older crowd, decent munchies (& karaoke) but a fine selection of beers.  Their in-town location attracts a younger, beachy crowd with crowds & music blaring.
Or do both, they're not far apart.

Appreciate the info.

Medallia comes in two sizes. Regular size and Small in bottles I recall

I don't recall seeing Miller but they do have Coor's Light.

I think Walmart (Hatillo) has a good variety of brands, don't recall if Miller is available.

Thanks man. I'll check it out. I know that Walmart in the States have Miller H.L. so perhaps Wallyworld in P.R. will also.

Mr.Special have a good variety as well. We found Michelop and Miller there.

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