Salary trends in Kuwait - What you need to know

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I got a job offer from an IT company in Kuwait City as 3000 KWD per month.I am married,having a kid.I will have no other benefits such as housing,health insurance package,company car etc.All those will be covered from this salary.

I would be grateful if you could share your thoughts whether this salary is good enough to relocate and live in Kuwait City.

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The short answer is "most definitely"

The big answer is "it depends":  It really depends on your standards for housing, autos, schools, leisure activities, etc, etc, etc...   The only part that worries me about your salary is finding medical insurance.  I'm sure it can be done within budget though.  it's just not something I'm familiar with.  Otherwise, 3000kd should be more than plenty.

Thanks Willgrow3.Since I have no idea about the average living costs for a European/American ordinary expat living in Kuwait;I would be grateful if you could give me some clue regarding the average housing,car,food etc.In addition to this,I would also like to hear your suggestions for the housing,insurance,car etc.

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Hi Mate,
Please read this post

Call me "Bill" ;)

In the research I've done, a place up to western standards could range from about 450kd all the way to the sky.

I have three dogs, two cats, a wife, and two kids so I had to find a place that would allow my entire entourage and that ended up costing me about 1000kd/mo in Mangaf.  The place is WAY bigger than what we need and I've seen similar places go for as much as 1500kd.  It's three floors, 4 bedrooms (plus maids quaters), 5 bathrooms, and has a fenced in yard with a small dirt area for the dogs to do their business.

I think you'll find most rental properties include utilities in their rent so your only bills will be phone  (5kd/mo) and internet (5kd/mo), gas for the stove (??) if applicable, and gas for your car (5kd/wk and my commute is LONG by Kuwait standards).

Food is a little more expensive than europe/US but it really depends on what you eat, how much you cook, and where you buy from.  It's also worth noting that I really dont go out at all, and when I do I usually look for free/low cost things to do. 

Vehicles are probably your next biggest expense.  There's PLENTY of options under 3000kd if you're willing to do some shopping around.  Mechanics are cheaper here than they are in the states, but quality suffers at times.  Parts can also be more expensive and take longer to get here when you need them.

Car insurance is a negligible expense.  I cant remember what I paid because it was so little and I'm covered for about 6-months.  I'll probably get a different plan in october so I can have an agreed value of my car and that will probably cost me a bit more (100kd a year maybe?  if that...).  I have no idea where to even look for medical insurance, sorry.

So yeah man, you should have no problems at all saving up quite a bit of cash while you're here ;)

Cheers!  and congrats on the new kid!

Most of the info is already provided above which is good enough. I got below info which may benefit you.

Every work visa holder of Kuwait requires to have mandatory government insurance. Which covers almost everything including critical illness, accident cover, operations and what not. For visiting general practitioner, it is advisable to take private insurance for your and your family. Few companies provide this private insurance as additional benefit.

Fees of private schools with international board like IG, IB, American board etc will be in the range of 2000-5000 KD per year per child upto 12th standard. Universities in Kuwait are good for locals. For expats, it is advisable to send their young kids to Dubai or home country for education after 12th. This is what everyone does.

If you plan your expense, you may save about 1500-2000 KD per month.

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