Seeking employment in Kenya

Hi, I'm in the U.S. seeking employment in Kenya, the Nairobi area, to be with my girlfriend. I have 14 years of experience in the financial services field and hold a BA in finance. I can speak English and and basic Swahili. I also have a passport. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

Hi, To work legally in Kenya you need a work permit.  Your first step would be to secure a offer of employment in Kenya.  There are sites such as 'Brighter Monday', 'OLX' and 'Reliefweb' which may have suitable jobs. 

Once you have a job offer, it's your employer who applies for the work permit.  Part of the process involves the employer evidencing that the position cannot be filled from the local workforce - it's not unusual to see jobs advertised locally, specifically only open to Kenyan citizens.  Work permits are generally valid for two years, after which a reapplication must be made.  Again, employers are supposed to train a local worker to do the job, so it cannot be assumed that your work permit will be renewed.

Another way would be if you have an internet based job, with an income derived from outside Kenya, which would allow you to live there on a Class K (retirement) permit.

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