Leaving with unpaid loan


I have existing loan in Samba. But I am planning to go for exit this coming September.
Will i still be able to leave the country without going to jail?

Will the immigration not hold me before they will find out the whereabouts of my loan?
Is it that loan will reflect on my iqama?

I dont have enough money to pay for the loan. But i am paying my monthly dues. I plan to continue paying for my loan even if out if Riyadh.

Is it possible?

Hope to find help here.

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If Samba file a case against you even you have all the documents they can still hold you in immigration.

I havent discuss this with samba.

Will the immigration be able to learn about my loan?

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Just want lee to check, whether you r still in ksa or left, did you faced any issues at immigration, without closing your loans and credit cards


hello did you go out of ksa already? what happened in the immigration?

Usually if you are going for exit you will have your clearance from the company and as soon as you finish your clearance from the company your company will inform the bank that you are no longer connected to them.  The bank will then check for your EOS if that is not enough they will file a case and that's the time the immigration can hold you but as long as the Bank is not filing a case for you I believed you can still go out of the country.

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how can I check if I have a case against me for unpaid loan . I hear that some banks will not file a case but how will I know

hi,same scenario,ihave unpaid bank loan,terminated by the company,can anyone advice who will be liable in our dues where the company is the one who let us go back home.even the contract is newly renewed. can bank file me case?can i still go back to saudi or im already ban in entering the kingdom?

pls need advice
thank you

Dimple are still here in ksa?

im already in philippines,some corporation is sending me msg to pay that amount or else they will file me case,they must understand first the situation that ive been terminated and not my will to stop my will.if only im not terminated of course i will cont my paymnt.any advice pls.can they really file me case hir,

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Hi, I have a loan with SABB, and I already paid 24 months of my loan. Right now, I still have 12 months left. Since January 2018, I wasn't able to pay my monthly loan payment because they closed my account.
After a few weeks, I received calls as well as SMS, asking me to pay my loan.
And only last Sunday the SABB recovery officer sent me an email that I need to pay the loan balance to prevent referral of my case to the concerned department for legal action.
I am still here in KSA, I don't know what will be the implications of the legal action that they will do. Hope to get your advise on this. Thank you

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I just review my credit report from SAMA . All is clear does it mean no case was filed ? Thank you in advance for the feedback

Thank you

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