Need help

Hi , I am a native English speaker from south Africa,  I have married a Netherlands resident,  and I am in the process of getting to Amsterdam ,  I have to do a civic integration exam,  I have never learnt another language is the exam easy or hard ? Will I be able to pass if I learn? ( any advise or tips )

Much appreciated

You probably want to speak about the NT2. It's a B2 level, so, you need to study for at less six months (and I don't advise you to learn alone because pronunciation). If you don't practice this, you will never success to be understandable and probably you will find difficult to understand Dutch people. Amsterdam has free language courses for new inhabitants and for these who must have the NT1 ingeburging.

It's an exam about vocabulary, grammar and also comprehension and questions about Dutch culture and history. You are not more stupid than another. You know, there are a lot English speaking people who learn Dutch language each year and of course, a majortiy of them has never learnt other languages anymore ;)

Don't ask advice or lessons to Afrikaans speakers, because they say themselves that two different languages with Dutch...

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