Make new friends in Kyoto

Hi everyone. I'm Marina from Japan and currently moved to Kyoto from Gifu. I would like to meet new people from all over the world. I love traveling so so so much! In my free time, I go out to drink, gym, go shopping and so on. Let's grab a coffee or something!

Feel free to contact with me :) Looking forward to hear from you.


Well, I sent you a request! I'm moving to Kyoto in September, as a foreign student. I wish to learn japanese fully and enter college too. Still not there, but when I go I'd love to meet you  :D

Thanks Sakuroha to sending me a friend request! I've never been to Mexico but I love Mexican food so so much :) Also I wanna learn Spanish! I'd love to meet you too. I'm looking forward to meet you soon!

I'm very excited too! I'm very happy to hear people like Mexican food, as I myself love it of course. If we meet, I'll try my best to teach you Spanish as much as I can too  :D

Hi Marina

Just came across your message and thought I would introduce myself, my name is john and I live in Sydney Australia. I am currently working for a major Aged care provider based in Sydney. But my background is in the Arts, as Graphic Designer, Painter (Artist) and amateur Photographer.

I will be visiting your amazing country in Nov 2017, this will be my second time visiting Japan, last time I went to Tokyo and visited many Art Institutions such as the Tokyo museum of modern art, and many others, this time I am flying to Osaka and then will be going to Kyoto and hopefully Naoshima Island, its near Okayama.

Let me know if you like to meet for coffee or lunch, you can decide. You can visit my web space and see some of my artwork.

Have a good day

Thanks! Let's find a nice Mexican restaurant together. That'll be so much fun :)

Marina, i just missed the opportunity to meet up with you. I was in kyoto for a short vacation recently. It would b more fun to know some locals that could share some tips and stories though. I might come again to Japan. There are so many places in Japan I am so excited to explore. I really love Japan. Japanese people are so kind, polite and helpful. I had many places I planned to go, but because of little time I  only managed to visit a few places. If you want to visit Kuala Lumpur you can also give me a message, and I am more than happier to show you around the city.

Hi Marina!  By any chance do you babysit or know anyone in Kyoto who babysits?   We are looking for a babysitter in Kyoto for the evening of February 15th or 16th, 2018 (time flexible) and on Sunday the 18th from around 7:30am -2pm for our two daughters ages 5 and 7.  My husband and I are planning to run the Kyoto marathon and are looking for someone who can take our girls to the marathon to see us.  Please contact me directly at *** or ***.  Thanks in advance!  Jan

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