MEDDEAS Public School Program

I have been offered the opportunity to go to Spain as a Language and Culture Assistant through the organization MEDDEAS.  I can find a ton of information and student reviews on their program in private schools, but NOTHING regarding their public school program, which is the one I am eligible for.  Has anybody heard of/know anything about their public school program in Madrid?  Thanks!

I just got accepted into this program for 2018-2019 school year as well and having the same problem haha! There are virtually no reviews online regarding the Meddeas program through the Public schools in Madrid (I got denied for the private school program but then they said I could be in the public school program through them). Did you end up doing it??? Would love to hear your thoughts if so!! I have to send them the full 1250 euros in a couple days and that's a lot of money- but hopefully worth it and its great that you are guaranteed to be in Madrid instead of possibly getting a little town in Spain through the Ministry..
Any feedback appreciated!


Hi there,

Did you go ahead with it?

I have been accepted on to their Public Schools Program for 2018/2019
However, I have been passed on to a company I am not aware of called ConversaSpain.

It had thrown a spanner in the works for my dream of living in Madrid.
The problem I am having is that I am required to pay a fee of 1,750 euro for the service and TEFL Certification with the UNIVERSITAT DE CATALUNYA.

My main issue is that having applied to work with Meddeas I have been lead through the entire process believing I was applying to work for a well-known and trusted company. Whilst they have assured me they are (Meddeas) collaborating with ConversaSpain it has caused a lot of doubt and speculation on my end. I am not keen to hand over so much money to a company I didn't apply for. That is unknown and doesn't have any credibility.

I'm really stressed out. As most deadlines are coming to an end for Language Assistant Programs or have already closed.

If you have any experience of it or could help in anyway I would appreciate it greatly.


I did end up paying the 1250 euros and go through Meddeas...but that is weird that they would pass you to somewhere else? They didnt pass me somewhere else so far....What i have understood is they are sort of a  third party and they are helping me get my visa, bank, and there to answer any questions i have. i am also guaranteed to be placed in Madrid, besides the Auxilliares de Conversacion program which i could be anywhere in Spain and they dont help you at all get settled or help with VISA info (this is the program through the government that is free to be a part of). so i feel like the $1250 is basically a way to have support when making the transition as well as ensure i will be in madrid. They did not make me do a TEFL, although it was an option for the meddeas public school program, as well as you could pay more and be apart of the spanish immersion classes but those were both optional. Can you ask to see if you can just pay the program fee instead of paying 1750 for the TEFL course as well if you dont want to do the TEFL course?

Hey Morgan!
I applied to the Conversa Spain program a couple of days ago  and I'm looking online to see if there are any reviews for this program. Did you end up signing with the program?


Hey Morgan!
I applied to the Conversa Spain program a couple of days ago  and I'm looking online to see if there are any reviews for this program. Did you end up signing with the program?


Hi Morgan and Natalie-

I ended up signing for Meddeas and they just sent me an email saying they started a new brand called ConversaSpain so they are now ConversaSpain. So I am now going through ConversaSpain. There is a Facebook group with the others as well!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks! I did see that they have a Facebook group but since they don't have much information on it, I became a bit skeptical.  Thanks for the feedback!

Did you ever find out anything more about this? I was just offered a job with ConversaSpain also, but am a bit worried it might not be legitimate. Let me know what you have found out!

Hi, I also just received an offer from Conversa and like u guys I am a bit nervous.  Just wondering if it was legit and if you guys are liking it?  Thanks!

Hi! Yes its legit- you can message meif you have any specific questions!! They just went through a rebrand, and are now called ConversaSpain. so thats why it seems weird. they are basically a third party that helps place in region of you're paying for the help of support getting a visa, a person to reach out to with any questions like that, and to be guaranteed to be around madrid.


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