IT Professional - 20K AED Salary

Hi guys,

I have received a job offer in Abu Dhani that pays 20K AED a month along with the below benefits:

• Return flight ticket once a year
• Full Medical Cover for all inclusive of Family Members
• 25 days paid leave PA + 13 days public holiday
• Housing not covered

I will be moving in with my wife and no kids, wanted to get some opinion on whether this is a good salary and what sort of expenses would i face.

Hey have you got your security clearance done??

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Hi Adnan, 20K a month is a good salary. Better if your wife can also find work. However do check your medical coverage if it includes maternity coverage for your wife in case you plan for children as it is very expensive in UAE.

Housing: There are studios in Abu Dhabi starting at 25K/year up to 65K/year for a 1 bedroom apartment. There are also more luxurious places for double the amount. Look it up the housing section of the forum or in, there's thousands of listing.

Food: Expect to spend 1000 a week or more for you and your wife if you plan to eat out in a regular cafe or diner. It will be less if you cook at home.

Phone bills: Etisalat or Du have great mobile phone package starting at 150 per month++ and 250++ for home service TV, phone (landline) and internet.

Electricity/Water/AC: Around 1000/month during summer and down to 200 for winter.

Car or transport: Taxis are not very expensive in Abu Dhabi. A 4km ride will cost between 15 to 30 aed depending on traffic.
Fuel is not expensive either, if you plan to buy your own car, at less than 2aed per liter.

All the best!

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