Stann Creek

Like many others here ... we are keenly interested in visiting in November to explore with a view to making a move when we retire. We are interested in the area around Dangriga. Perhaps purchase a vacation rental program we can use seasonally until we make the move to loving their longer. Thoughts.

We love the Stann creek district. We are in monkey River, which is actually Toledo near the border with Stann creek, but it's lovely down here. Awesome people, beautiful scenery. Excellent choice, imho!

Hello. We and others obviously share similar views and expectations, and there is a wealth of advice here, some good and some bad; we have property along the Stann Creek/Cayo border. I would STRONGLY suggest you visit the Dangriga area before you consider buying there. You might be more 'at home' in the Hopkins area than in Dangriga, but you would need to research it on your own. Good luck in your quest.

Ditto replies so far!

Hey there
We just bought a place on the hummingbird highway 15 miles from dangriga. I found this area the most attractive landscape in the country. Prices are reasonable, play the game I got my place for half the asking price. You have Placentia an 1 hour drive belmopan 45 min Hopkins 15 minutes.  Coral reef mile off shore
Go shop down there. I checked Cayo stann creek and Placentia. I found asking prices in Cayo over priced.
Anyway just some pointers

Hood63 :

Hey there
We just bought a place on the hummingbird highway 15 miles from dangriga. I found this area the most attractive landscape in the country.

I Love the scenery along the Hummingbird. Are you near one of the small villages or settlements? I have always wanted to explore some of the side roads along the Hummingbird, but never made the time while I had a rental car. I have a house in Placencia Village where most things are within walking/biking distance, so find it cheaper to rent a car the few times a year we head out to other areas.

We settled in Hopkins to be close to the beach. Stann Creek is a great choice. Wonderfully friendly culture. A small expat community. Close to Dangriga Town. A little drive from Placencia and Belmopan City. A comfortable distance from Belize City and Ladyville where some rabble rousers make trouble. Unlike violence, theft seems common throughout BZ. Don't flaunt valuable electronics such as flat screens and laptops and don't leave your phone somewhere tempting. Be smart about your stuff and generous to those you meet (even pandhandlers) and the district will love you back.

Fantastic! You will be about 10-15 mi south of us. Our road into our property was just completed and I can't wait to get back down to drive it. The area is gorgeous, the people are friendly, and a lot of destinations are an easy drive. We also found it to be the most desirable area to settle in. A little more secluded and less developed than some other areas, but close enough to Belmopan that we can easily obtain needed items. Good luck in your venture.

Very beautiful there.  Also gorgeous near the west border but way too hot and far from ocean for me...

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