Duration of Expat Documents Processing


I would like to ask what are the usual processing duration for work permit, VISA D, residence permit, and other legal expat documents for non-European nationals?


Good question. I applied for the D visa on June 1st. They told me 20 days. Today I was told that they extended the visa process to August 10th. I have reserved a flight, a place to stay etc. so my advice to you is dont make plans!

Every case is different, I have been legally married to a HU citizen for over 40 years, our son is a HU citizen and he even married a HU citizen in Hungary.
I was given 90 days to vacate Hungary after months of waiting for my resident permit about 6 years ago.
Someone dropped the ball and didn't file my papers right or something, was given a huge run around, in the end after 6 months of hassle after hassle I got a 5 year permit, Last year I was given a 10 year permit and that was a snap, very easy, no problems at all.
Be ready for anything to happen is my best advice.

My application for resident permit took 3 months. I was moving from Switzerland, had been through the procedure there, had all my paperwork already, and that made it "easier" for me being the second time around doing this. But it still took 3 or 4 trips to the immigration office in Hungary to get all the i's dotted and t's crossed on their paperwork.

My own file which I kept of the process in Hungary and all the paperwork needed is about 2.5 cm thick. The paperwork for doing the same in Switzerland I could have put into a standard envelope and mailed it to myself with no extra postage required, it was that thin.

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