Mauritius - here I come!!

Dear all

A brief intro - I am a South African (from Johannesburg) but have just obtained my Mauritian Citizenship! I will be coming to our gorgeous island quite soon for a visit to look at schools, homes to rent, business opportunities! I am excited to know that I can meet up with South Africans who can give me any tips/ideas on networking for business opportunities/meeting families with children of similar ages of my children (boys of 19,17 and a daughter of 14). To uproot everything one has ever known and move countries is by no means for "sissies" but if God is for me, who can be against me? Right? Exciting times!

What has been your experience and how have you settled in Mauritius!

Looking forward to meeting all expats from SA and locals!

Merci - Paula

i have a South African Friend  in Flic En Flac who is also a member she has a teenage daughter .  We meet up nearly every saturday Morning At cafe Tidez in Flic En Flac

Oh awesome.....that's good news! You know girls - they love their friends and the first question my daughter asked me was, "Will there be friends there for me"? A total socialite! How old is her daughter if I may ask - if she's on instagram we'll look her up?



You can find her on expat it's Patricia Prepok or same on Facebook.  Her daughter is a teenager I think 15 or 16 years old .  In fact I met them this morning in a supermarket here

Hi Paula

Good friends of mine are in the process of moving to Mauritius from South Africa.
They have 3 daughters. The eldest one is 14
I can introduce when you are all settled if you like...

I am also trying to get myself and my 11 year old daughter to the Beautiful Island. Hold Thumbs.

Dear Paula,

Good day to you.

Welcome to our country. My name is rajoo and have been studying in SA at SAA. *** I have some friends from south africa staying in Mauritius and i can get you in touch with them.
See and hear from  you soon.


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Thanks - I will take a peek! Enjoy!




That would be awesome - my daughter is also 14. If their daughter has an instagram or face book account could we have their names(obviously with their consent)? Moving is a big decision and we are all probably going through the same "up and down exciting" times as well as "am I doing the right thing"? It can be an emotional ride for sure - so it'll be nice to be connected to support one another - especially teenage daughter's (as they are very attached to the bff's at this age)!

I hope you come right with your application - how far are you in the process?

Have a fab day!

Hi there

well i am in the process of looking for architectural work there.
Things will progress from my side once i have some positive feedback...

This whole moving countries thing is a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride, but hey, life is too short not to create the most amazing chapters in the book of life "so to speak" heheee...

My friend is charlló vermeulen. She is on FB so feel free to get in touch. I am sure that you guys can share in this moving experience.

All the best of luck to you hey

Hope you have a great one

Awesome - thanks! I sent her a fb message...although she doesn't look too active on FB.

Well I hope you come right with your plans....if at frist you don't succeed.... try and try again! You know us South African's, tough as nails, never give up and always make a plan! Ha HA

Best of luck!


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